European Center for Art, Design and Media based Research ECAM
ECAM Graduate School

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Academy of Art and Design
4002 Basel

Prof. Kirsten Langkilde, Director

Dr. Mario Klinger, Coordinator
Dr. Linda Ludwig, Coordinator
Michael Hübner, Studio HübnerBraun Basel, Design
Jürgen Enge, Vijayan Thiageswaran, Programming

Brigham Baker, Sabina Brägger, Marie-Louise Greb, Snezana Golubovic, Samuel Hanselmann, Susanna Hertrich, René Herzogenrath, Hans-Peter Huser,  Laurids Jensen, Mikhail Karikis, Christian Knörr, Priska Morger, Lucia de Moysterin

for the works of art © 2017 the artists
for the texts © 2017 Academy of Art and Design FHNW and the authors


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