PhD Supervisors

PhD Supervisors

Head of Studyprogram:
Prof Dr. Melanie Franke

Application Process and International Cooperations:

Dr. Linda Ludwig

The following supervisors of HGK FHNW are members of the ECAM Graduate School teaching staff:

Prof. Dr. Melanie Franke

Prof. Dr. Claudia Mareis

Prof. Chus Martinez

Prof. Michael Renner

Prof. Dr. Nicolaj van der Meulen

Prof. Dr. Jörg Wiesel

Further ECAM Members:

Prof. Heinz Wagner

Prof. Beate Florenz

Prof. Matthias Böttger

List of possible members of the teaching staff at UADL

Each candidate will be supervised by a faculty member of UADL and a supervisor from HGK FHNW with proven abilities in the specific field of research. The doctoral degree is awarded by UADL, with reference being made to the role of the supervisors and HGK in the completion of the PhD thesis.

Supervisors act as mentors, project coordinators and science communicators according to the European Charter for Researchers and the ‘Florence Principles’. In subscribing to best practice in doctoral education, HGK FHNW has established a supervision culture, a programme for the advanced qualification of supervisors and guidelines of conduct. Supervisors are responsible for enhancing a candidate’s awareness of the project’s accountability, monitoring the project’s standard of quality and offering support in the dissemination of research results. UADL/HGK’s mentoring engagement also seeks to enhance the student’s scholarly recognition by providing an appropriate framework in terms of papers, patents and external collaborations.