June 14 - June 14 2018

ECAM Graduate School invites to the Workshop Series: Clouds & Rocks - Embracing Friction Through Research in the Making

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in Clouds and Rocks: an experimental workshop that explores alien subjectivities, landscapes, and politics.

time 9am - 6pm followed by an apéro

The Clouds and Rocks workshop is divided into three different tracks which will run simultaneously. Please don't forget to order your ticket via eventbrite.

As part of the Poetry of the Real Symposium, we are leading a dedicated playground for research-in-the-making, where you will collaborate with us in hands-on world building, physical imagining and situated creations. In prototyping different dimensions of alien worlds, we will also reflect on different methods for imagining and making as forms of research. Our guest speakers Patricia Reed Francisco Carballo and Clemens Winkler will help inspire, guide and evaluate our research process.

Track 1 - Imagining Alien Terrains
By Joseph Popper & Kambiz Shafei
Guest: Clemens Winkler
For this workshop, participants will imagine alien landscapes out of simple materials. Working broadly at table top scale, we will rapidly model and detail a series of terrains before documenting them on camera. With lighting and other effects, we will experiment using our handmade landscapes to create cinematic impressions of other, extra-ordinary worlds. This is a hands-on, playful exploration of atmospheres and aesthetics, where compelling and inventive imagery can emerge through transforming the familiar into something strange.

Track 2 - Experiencing Alien Subjectivity
By Michaela Büsse & Tena Kelemen
Guest: Patricia Reed
In this hands-on workshop we will practice how to grasp and be grasped by the alien other. Through material experiments we will explore organic form making and take the different materialities and outcomes as a starting point for our theoretical investigation: What can Ferro fluid teach us about systems correlations? How do we interpret the offspring of an accidental encounter between melted wax and iced water? In this media-philosophy-in-action-session we will reflect on how this alien other affects us through its materiality and how we effect it with our bodies.

Track 3 - Exploring Alien Relations
By Felipe Castelblanco & Karolina Sobecka
Francisco Carballo
During this section of the workshop participants will explore new models for governance, production and coexistent relations within this newly formed space. Through pseudo social experiments, films and performative situations we will imagine and enact new social behaviors, politics and space logics that invite human and non-human beings to a new level of interconnectedness. An introductory dialogue moderated by two international guests will spark discussions and creative responses around issues like land distribution, postcolonial ecologies, resources and energy management.

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