June 12 - June 14 2018

Symposium Poetry of the Real: Imagination - Friction - Transformation

Following the FHNW Academy of Art and Design conferences Economies of Aesthetics (2015), Poetry of the Real – Conversations on Arts Research with the opening of the ECAM research center (2016),  Poetry of the Real - Archives Values Futures and the opening of the ECAM graduate school (2017) this year’s transdisciplinary symposium Poetry of the Real: Imagination – Friction – Transformation explores the multifaceted transfer between the extended arts practice and contemporary discourse. For this it inquires the conditions of arts and design-based systems of knowledge.

The sections are grouped around the perspective of “Imagination – Friction – Transformation” and their interferences. This is based on an extended understanding of the generative processes, which involve the ability and motivation of the arts to develop or demonstrate the change and the original and new in genuine moments. Friction engenders dialogue or critical engagement that may suggest changes and point out new perspectives. This forms the discourse of Poetry of the Real, between the real and the art..

more information will follow soon.